New to Code-RLadies MidMo? No problem. Here’s the scoop:

What is Code-RLadies?

It’s a Mid-Missouri group designed to promote data science and data-science-related tools, technologies, programming, and skills among under-represented genders. No matter your gender or level of representation in the field, if you align with that vision and would like to support it, we welcome you to the group!

Is Code-RLadies just R?

R-Ladies Global is our sponsor of the chapter, and our core interest is in R. However, R is an amazing tool that delves into various other fields. As such, in order to be a multi-dimensional, diverse, growth-oriented group, we aim to include other programming languages and areas of interest outside of R. For example, enhancing your level of Shiny interactivity may require additional expertise in Javascript, or even knowledge of D3 libraries.

We believe that by promosting inclusivity across programming languages, we can all become stronger in our language of choice and area of chosen expertise.